About Us


We, like you, love to shop online. Jillbury is here to bring you the most exclusive, innovative, and most sought-after items we discover across the social media spectrum. We began assembling the Jillbury family from the onset 3 years ago with like-minded individuals, to become one of the most prominent groups of entrepreneurs covering all aspects of a great online store.  From fulfilling your order efficiently to following your order to your door via our diligent customer service personnel, we assure you a pleasant shopping experience from start to finish. 

Our mission and our passion is to provide a better experience for people who are seeking the items that people love to share and talk about. AND to have fun doing it!  Our network of worldwide distributors and manufacturers make sure we can always deliver on our promises! We hope you enjoy our store, and please let us know if you have questions or suggestions! After all, we only exist because of our loyal customer base.