Mr. Doggy Tug Toy

Mr. Doggy Tug Toy

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Happy Pet, Happy Owner!

Now viewed by over 20 million pet lovers, Mr. Doggy Tug Toy is the greatest Tug-of-War toy of all time! Just Stick & Go!

Your dog will never be bored again! Our interactive toy will keep your dog entertained for hours on end. They'll have no idea why it won't come off!


Why Use The Mr. Doggy Tug Toy?

Safe & Easy to Install

Each toy is made with high-quality non-toxic material, easily install on any smooth surface.

Suitable for Large Dogs

Easily withstand Dogs up to 145 Lbs!

Great for Pups

Teething and aggressive Dogs will use their energy on something other than your belongings!

Prevent Boredom

Dogs can get lonely, our tug-toy will keep them entertained for hours while you're away!